In Memory: Gary “The Pax” Paxton

THE RENOWNED record producer, artist and songwriter Gary S Paxton has died at his home in Branson, Missouri at the age of 77.

Born Larry Wayne Stevens, Paxton was a member of the hit making duo Skip & Flip and produced the million selling hits “Alley Oop” for The Hollywood Argyles in 1960 and “Monster Mash” for Bobby “Boris” Pickett in 1962.

Following his partner’s suicide and his own long struggles with drugs and alcohol, he converted to Christianity in 1970 and wrote and produced many Christian albums for his label Newpax by such acts as Sammy Hall, Don Francisco as well as CCM acts like The Imperials.

In December 1980 Paxton was shot three times by hitmen hired by a country singer he was producing, nearly ending his life and putting him out of the music world for eight years. After the trial, he visited the men in prison and forgave them.

Paxton left Nashville in 1999 and lived in Branson, Missouri with his fourth wife, Vicki Sue Roberts where despite ill-health he still involved himself in gospel music releasing albums on his Garpax Branson label by artists like Gloria Elliott and Albert Brumley Jr. For more information, visit or